BMW E36 +50MM šakė
  • BMW E36 +50MM šakė

BMW E36 +50MM šakė

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BMW E36 +50MM šakė

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The subject of the sale is a set of arms for the welded steering knuckle E36.

 A set of longer arms for bmw E36. Perfect for assembly with modified original steering knuckle. They can also be used to achieve radical camber on the front axle - stance option. The wheel sits perfectly in the center of the wheel arch. The pin holes have been precision machined to tolerances in line with the original wishbones. They have holes for mounting the stabilizer. Powder coated - black as standard. In the event of a crash, available as pieces.  

The Custom E36 + 50mm swingarms set includes:

  • LEFT front control arm - 1 piece
  • RIGHT front control arm - 1 piece
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