Hidraulinis rankinis v2
  • Hidraulinis rankinis v2

Hidraulinis rankinis v2

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Hidraulinis rankinis v2

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What will you get while purchasing the hydraulic handbrake kit?

  • base made of sheet metal
  • handle and pump fastening elements made of aluminum
  • mounting sleeves
  • steel pin and oil seal,
  • mounting screws

More information can be found in the product offers in our store.


Well-thought-out mounting of the hydraulic handbrake

We know that each driver has their own preferences. Hence we designed the so-called basket in which the lever and the pump are mounted so that it is possible to install the pump in both directions. A hydraulic handbrake is an extraordinary tool in any drift car.


Installation of hydraulic handbrake and pump

The product you are buying from us has a bolt spacing that allows you to mount any brake master cylinder. Many car brands differ in recommended hydraulic handbrake pumps - because of that we decided to create a universal product. The pump for each drift car can be purchased separately.


How does the hydraulic handbrake work?

If you are building your own drift car, you probably already have a basic understanding of vehicle construction. An ordinary handbrake usually works on the principle of the already famous "pull" the calipers with the brake cable - this causes better or worse locking of the rear wheels. Which, as we know, can cause a more or less spectacular drift. This type of brake is also used in other motorsports - KJS, Rallies.

In the case of a hydraulic handbrake used in many drift cars, we mount it to the hydraulic system. Most drift competitors use proven solutions - they install high-quality hydraulic handbrakes with a new hydraulic pump. When building the entire structure, it should be remembered that the system should have non-return valves. Brake fluid should be pumped in one direction (when we want to put the car into a slide or skid).

Remember that due to the applicable regulations, it is worth thinking about a hydraulic handbrake with quick disassembly known as a detachable or removable hydraulic handbrake.


Hydraulic handbrake for BMW

Our hydraulic brakes fit BMW, NISSAN, or Lexus. And if you are wondering if it will also fit your drift car - you can always contact us! We can also make hydraulic hand brakes by individual order.


Unscrewed or removable hydraulic handbrake - a review of a car with a hydraulic brake.

Our products have the ability to unscrew the hydraulic handbrake lever and hide in the car. This will be especially useful during a possible inspection, car inspection - or when the brake lever will simply bother you. Remember that the regulations generally prohibit modifications to the stock braking system.

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